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GAS GENERATORS discovery line

Leman Instruments is proud to introduce the new 2018 Discovery line of our Gas Generators. This line has been designedto offer our customer some more simple solution. It is not always necessary to have the highest purities or the On-Board compressor solution. Sometimes, simpler products are more than enough. This is the concept of Discovery line.

It is a line of 6 different models: 2 Hydrogen Generator, 2 Zero Air Generators and 2 Nitrogen Generators.

Mains assets of this family of product are the reliability, the small footprint, the price, the maintenance cost over the year (almost nothing).

This line is entirely assembled in Europe (France). There is no other product on the market that are Designed in Switzerland and Made in France at these prices.


99.999% H2 at 250 or 500ml/min. Full 7’’ Display


99.999% N2 at 250 or 500ml/min. Full 7’’ Display


<0.05ppm HC &<0.05ppm CO & CH4 at 3 or 6L/min. Full 7’’ Display